Hi, my name is Slick Allen Patrick. I am a one year old, standard male Xolo. I had a rough beginning since some other dog really beat me up bad, but thanks to alot of good people I survived. Kim and Mildred got me when I was just a baby and they kept me for about a year at the Xolo Rescue. Then one day Nichole and Mark saw me on the Rescue Site and they fell in love with me. They begged to have me, and finally I left Arizona and my friends Kim and Mildred. I went to a very cold metro Detroit Michigan. I don't really like cold weather, but my new family really made me feel at home. I quickly received my own couch complete with cuddly afghans. I like to lay on my couch wrapped up like a burrito. My mom and dad call me the "burrito boy" because I won't budge on a cold day. I have two sisters, they are birds. My mom works at home as a manicurist and I get very tired making sure that none of her clients hurt her. In fact, at the end of the day I am more wiped out than she is. I love to play with mom and dad and I love going places with them. I even get to sleep in their bed now. They just can't stand to not be near me. I have them wrapped around my little paw. Thank goodness that all the nice people involved in the Xolo Rescue worked so hard to get me a good family. I know that we will be happy together for many years to come. I sure hope that all of the other Rescue Pups will find a love and companionship just like me! Lots of Love, Slick

Hi,My name is Larry. I have finally found a forever home. It took me a while to realize that mom and dad are really my mom and dad. It took a long trip up to Portland and back for me to really know that my home is my forever home. Before this trip, long trips only meant one thing! Another home to get use to. I have liked my forever home but I have had other homes I have liked before. My mom and dad have 3 other paw kids. Dinky, Tazzy and Curly. I have 1 1/2 acres to run and play. In the summer Curly says there is a pool to play in and all the fruit I could ever want. [Mom and dad has lots of fruit trees] This fall I will enroll in a therapy class so I can visit people in nursing home and regular hospitals just like my brother Curly!. I hope other lost kids can make their way to a rescue home and find a wonderful forever home just like me. I love my mom and dad! Well, I wanted to tell you my success story. Love to all, Larry Abercrombie.

This is Picasso, the former Mani, and he belongs to Bruce. He opens doors!! Picasso lives with Bruce and keeps life interesting for his new dad with his talent of door-opening!!

I'm Jupiter - a 3 year old, small standard Xolo. My new forever Mom found me on the rescue site, visited, and begged to have me come live with her. Now that I do live with her, she says that will be the last time I ever see her beg. But uh... between you and me... she might be surprised to find out otherwise ;) I'm taking her to 'obedience school.'

Happy Jack lives in Toronto Canada with Heather. She says, "I've been getting kisses and he's letting me pet and dress/undress him. He's been fine on the lead and seems to enjoy his walks. He spent the afternoon sleeping on my stomach and insisted on burying his head under my chin."

Chico now lives in Massachusetts with Maureen and Gary. They say, "Today Chico jumped into Maureen's arms when she told him he had to go out. I have also held him twice. He is going to be wonderful. He is also a licker & a nibbler. He is eating very well."

Tommy Hawk lives in Pennsylvania with Wayne, Kathy and their son Bill. They say, "He has learned to use the deck steps last week the day it was pouring down rain and he couldn't wait to get his butt back in the house. He has also adjusted well; he sleeps in the bed with Kathy, me and Lupe (5 yr. old intermediate xolo.)We have become one big happy family. Thank you so much for this bundle of fun."

Wiggles was a stray who was never claimed. She now lives in Arizona with Kim and Barry and their children Kelly and Connor. She sleeps in Kelly's bed every night and is VERY fond of relaxing in the family's salt water swimming pool!! (She says she LOVES what it does for her skin!!)

Cotton (left) and Coco live with Chad and three cats in Utah. Both Cotton and Coco were adopted from Rescue Arizona Xolos and they are good buddies!!!

Galahad now lives with Heidi and Chris and their sons Jason and Joshua. He is their first dog EVER and they love him to pieces. Jason has allergies but was able to tolerate a hairless dog.

Flopsy, now called Reva, lives with Debbie and her four children and another xolo in Georgia. She is Debbie's shadow--a true Velcro dog!!